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Are you suffering from...
tingling or numbness...pins and needles...
or lower back and leg pain?

The clinically proven sciatica relief program we offer can correct the pinched nerves causing your pain and eliminate problem sciatica for good.

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These new Breakthrough Diagnosis and Treatments Will Set You Free!

$27 Consultation Includes:

  • Digital Motion Study
  • Full Examination
  • Orthopedic Testing
  • A Full Diagnostic Report From Doctor

Most doctors have neither the expertise nor the experience needed to correct these pinched nerves. Many doctors treat the pain with drugs or risky Spinal Surgery. Dr. Bernath is one of the few practitioners in the area who can treat these pinched nerves, without surgery. He's successfully handled 1000's of cases of lower back and leg pain and can help end your sciatica pain now!

Common Sciatica Symptoms

Leg Pain
Burning Sensation in Legs
Leg Pain
Numbness & Tingling
Leg Pain
Low Back Pain

Here's what our patients are saying

"I have been visiting this place for almost two years and from the beginning it has changed my life, my health, I can do things that I did not do before, today my back pain has improved 95% and that has improved my life. I recommend this place 1000%, with good service and a pleasant atmosphere from the entire team."
Avatar -Jesus C.
"Doctor Bernath is Amazing my mother came in for sciatica nerve pain she is doing better everyday. His staff is very professional, very kind and understanding with all, their patients. I wish we would of Brought my mom sooner."
Avatar -Diana F.
"I was here 3 years ago (pre-pandemic) and I loved it. The doctor and staff are all nice and really helped with my lower back pain. I came back this year for treatment in my hand, mainly thumb, and the service is as exceptional as I remember. Most importantly, I’m seeing significant growth in therapy, just as before."
Avatar - Kylene P
"I had some serious Sciatica pain going on and being a machinist that stands all day I gave health strong a try. Within the first few appointments I was already feeling better. Dr. Bernath is great at what he does and all the employees are very nice and helpful. I highly recommend."
Avatar - Michael S.
"HealthStrong is the best chiropractor I’ve been to! I’ve been going here for a couple months now for my back and it feels amazing. The treatment from the staff is unmatched, they’ll always make you feel comfortable and ask you about your day. I’ve already recommended HealthStrong to my parents and co-workers."
Avatar - Brandon B.
"My mom was suffering from lower back pain, she couldn’t walk not even 10 mins thank God we Found health Strong on Facebook and she’s feeling much better and most important she’s able to walk and move around with less pain. Dr and staff are very friendly and very professional. The welcoming to this office is awesome! 10/10."
Avatar - Fany A.
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